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Being BOLD in West Virginia  July 28-August 3

Serving, worshiping, deepening their spirituality and strengthening their relationships were: Elizabeth Cooke, David Hansen, Nate Ladd, Julia Laurx, Erin Lee, Kari Lee, Nathan Lee, Jacki Riek, Emma Rogers, Lisa Rogers, Maya Valdez, Sidney Valdez and Amy Vincent.   Working again with Nest Step Missions, it was an uplifting return visit to Clendennin    YAY, GOD!

Our youth worked hard laying a floating floor in the home of Miss Linda.  Each person found their niche during the project  — whether it was measuring, cutting, connecting the floor, or nailing in trim.  By the end of the week, two rooms had been completed!  We loved getting to know Miss Linda and her dog Izzy.

Each evening we worshipped with the groups from New Jersey, Michigan,  and another group from Illinois (Lincolnshire).  This summer’s theme was BEYOND THE SHADOWS — using Plato’s Allegory of the Cave to illustrate how we can sometimes fail to see the light through the shadows.

Our last day at Adventures on the Gorge was a fun outing for zip lining, white water rafting. or enjoying a water park. We ended the trip with a festive community gathering at the little league field (same one that our group put the tin roof on in 2016).

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10:30 am.  Sunday Morning Worship

11:30 -1:00 pm.  All Church Cook-Out & Potluck Picnic on the Church Lawn.

Bring your favorite summer side dish or a dessert while the church will be providing plenty to drink and will be grilling just-for-you hot dogs, burgers, & veggie burgers.


RSVP to CHURCH OFFICE by Friday, August 16.  We gotta know how many buns to buy!!

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WHAT:  Spiritual Growth Groups for 2019-2020

  1. Sunday Morning Group
  2. Weekday Group
  3. Weekday Evening Group

BEGINS:  First week of September

MEETS:  Twice a Month

RESOURCE:  Brian McLaren’s book, We Make the Road by Walking 

  •  spiritual formation
  • reorientation
  • activation.

RSVP:  Friday August 23

Church Office –

Let us know which group you would like to join.

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All First Church women are invited to attend the 4th Annual Retreat held in Green Lake, Wisconsin.  Held in the home of Darlene Van Meir, the retreat offers relaxation and fellowship in a beautiful lakeside setting.  Providing focus for reading, meditation, and  discussion, a booklet of selected poems by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver will be  available beforehand.  Oliver’s writings reflect her perceptive and much-treasured observations of the natural world.

Outdoor activities such as kayaking, short hikes, swimming, and paddle-boarding will also be part of the weekend.

Limited spots are available.  Make your reservation today. Participants will be  asked to contribute to the preparation of one meal.  Car-pooling is available (for Friday afternoon & Saturday morning arrivals.)

Questions?  Contact:  Ruth Zervas; Sandy Bodie; Darlene Van Meir