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First Church Youth Group:  Annual Youth Worship Service

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Through beautiful music, heartfelt messages and witness, thoughtful scripture reading and an extremely humorous skit, the youth demonstrated the ways we — as Christians — are called to be open, loving disciples in the world today.







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Is it legal to buy lasix online - Buy cheap lasix online


  • The Youth Group’s Cookout for a Cause on September 23 was a great success. Thanks to the hard work  of our young people and the  support of our congregation,  $709 was raised for Bridge Communities. And everyone enjoyed the barbecue on the church lawn.


  • NOTE:  The next First Church event to support Bridge Communities will be Sleep Out Saturday on November 3, 2018.  The goal is to raise a total of $1500.

If you missed the Cookout, you can donate directly to Bridge Communities on the Elmhurst First United Methodist Church Youth Group page.  Here’s the Link:

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where can i buy lasix tablets

First Church Youth are returning to Clendenin, West Virginia  for the Summer 2019 Mission Trip during the week of July 28 to August 3.  This is open to ALL Church Members.  Early commitments are needed to secure this spot with Next Step Ministries.  Sign Up NOW.

For info: check out Youth Group Bulletin Board in Wesley Hall or contact Lisa Rogers (


  • a completed Health Form
  • a paid Deposit of $50  (non refundable)

This will be our 3rd trip with Next Step Ministries.  To learn more visit: