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JOIN US ! Wednesday Evening, September 4, 6:00-7:00 pm in Wesley Hall as we celebrate September ~ the Season of Creation ~ with Food, Fellowship, & Creation Activities.  Meet Shannon Burns, Education Program Coordinator from the DuPage County Forest Preserve.  Discover how to restore our habitat right here in Elmhurst.

$7/adult ~ $5/child.

Sign up on Education Table in Wesley Hall or notify Church Office.  OR — go ahead and pre-pay for your tickets using our “Donate Online via Paypal” at the bottom of this page.  Scroll to OTHER and include #  & type of tickets in  the description box.

Donate for the adoption of a Blanding’s turtle through the DuPage County Forest Preserve’s where can you buy lasix program.

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What would it mean if First Church took this season seriously by turning our attention to God’s relationship with all creation and to our relationship with creation . . . and WITH God THROUGH creation.

Worship God with the oceans, animals, storms, the universe, and each other.

  • Sunday Morning Worship Series ~ 10:30 am
  • Spiritual Growth Groups ~ meeting twice monthly
  • Church Dinner & Habitat Restoration Program ~ Wed, Sep 4, 6-7pm
  • Grand Re-Opening of Church Library ~ Sun, Sep 8, 11:30 am
  • Pancake Breakfast, Youth Group Fundraiser to support Bridge Communities ~ Sun, Sep 15, 9-10:15 am
  • Clothing Closet ~ Thurs, Sep 5, 9-11am & 7-9pm; Sat, Sep 28. 9-11am
  • Grace Cafe ~ Mon, Sep 23, 5-6:30 pm

where can i buy lasix in uk

WHAT:  Spiritual Growth Groups for 2019-2020

  1. Sunday Morning Group
  2. Weekday Group
  3. Weekday Evening Group

BEGINS:  First week of September

MEETS:  Twice a Month

RESOURCE:  Brian McLaren’s book, We Make the Road by Walking 

  •  spiritual formation
  • reorientation
  • activation.

RSVP:  Friday August 23

Church Office –

Let us know which group you would like to join.

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To prepare for Confirmation, these nine young people gathered each Sunday throughout the year to study the Bible, learn about the Methodist tradition ,and have open discussions about what it means to be a United Methodist Christian in the world today.

Confirmation Teachers Kathy Hansen, Pete Meyer, Ruth Zervas, Chris Ladd along with Pastor Joe and Lisa Rogers are gratefully acknowledged for their  dedication to and their love and support of our Confirmands. After a Celebration Breakfast on Sunday, May 12,  the Rite of Confirmation was held during the 10:30 am Worship Service.

We proudly welcome our newest members into First Church:

  • Isabella Rose Bjerkan mentored by Christine Janes
  • Rowan James Clark mentored by Jason Janes
  • Edward Scott Cooke mentored by Jason Janes
  • Paige Arbor Detzler mentored by Chris Mertz
  • Maggie Lynn Ejma mentored by Beth Valdez
  • Haley Camille Hindsley mentored by Beth Valdez
  • Wyatt Andrew Kennedy mentored by Steve Strauss
  • Thomas Moxley Schroeder mentored by Steve Strauss
  • Claire Catherine Vincent mentored by Ann Gills