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First Church is staffing the FMSC site in Aurora from 2:00-4:00pm on Saturday, February 23. Volunteers will include children, youth, and adults.

First Church is proud to volunteer for this one-of-a-kind experience. We’ll be hand-packing rice, soy, and  dried vegetables which will be sealed, boxed,  and shipped to reach the neediest children where can you buy lasix.

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After a short hiatus during restoration work on our lower level, the FIRST CHURCH CLOTHING CENTER is again accepting donations. Thank you for your forbearance during February and your continuing support of this ministry.  We will look forward to receiving your generous gifts of gently used clothing, shoes, coats, household goods, bedding, toys, and/or books.


  • Go to Church Office Entrance in North parking lot (between First Church and Immaculate Conception).
  • Look for single Red Door
  • Take donations down half/flight of stairs to collection area
  • Pick up a Donation Letter

The CLOTHING CENTER is open on the First Thursday of each month from 9-11:00 in the morning and from 7-9:00 in the evening and on the Third Saturday of the month from 9-11:00 am.

If you have questions, please contact the Church Office:

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Sunday, October 28, 11:30am – 1:00pm

COME FOR LUNCH in Wesley Hall.  Feast on Sandwiches, Chips, Veggies, & Yummy Fall-Themed Desserts

COST is $5/each or $20/family

BRING lots of Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters. Empty your Piggy Banks or Scrape up your Spare Change for


The Children of First Church will be Trick-or-Treating to help  Detained Immigrant Children.  Money collected will be donated to the 

Halloween Attire is Enthusiastically Encouraged!!

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Buy lasix 100 mg, Purchase lasix online


  • The Youth Group’s Cookout for a Cause on September 23 was a great success. Thanks to the hard work  of our young people and the  support of our congregation,  $709 was raised for Bridge Communities. And everyone enjoyed the barbecue on the church lawn.


  • NOTE:  The next First Church event to support Bridge Communities will be Sleep Out Saturday on November 3, 2018.  The goal is to raise a total of $1500.

If you missed the Cookout, you can donate directly to Bridge Communities on the Elmhurst First United Methodist Church Youth Group page.  Here’s the Link:

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