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Good Friday Observance in a  combined worship service at First United Methodist in Elmhurst

April 19, 2019 7:00 pm

Join the congregants from our Cluster Churches to hear The Seven Last Words of Christ and the music of our combined choirs.  This will be a richly textured and imaged service with the music of Charles Gounod and John Stainer, the sketches of Jan Richardson, the sermon of Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath, and the prayers of the Church.

Ministry of the Salt Creek Cluster

United Methodist Church ~ Elgin District ~ Northern Illinois Conference.  Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath, District Superintendent

  • Calvary UMC in Villa Park ~ Rev. Julie Fleurinor- Moore, Pastor
  • Christ UMC in Elmhurst ~ Rev. James Fu, Pastor
  • Faith Evangelical UMC in Elmhurst ~ Rev. Uziel Hernandez, Pastor
  • First UMC in Bensonville ~ Rev. SoYoung Kim, Pastor
  • First UMC in Elmhurst ~ Rev. Joseph A. Johnson, Pastor
  • Good Samaritan UMC in Addison ~ Rev. Sang hun Han, Pastor
  • Wood Dale Community UMC in Wood Dale ~ Terry McDorman, Pastor


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What is the Salt Creek Cluster?

First Church belongs to the Elgin District of the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Within the Elgin District,  First Church is part of a smaller group that is called the Salt Creek Cluster — including churches from Addison, Bensenville, Elmhurst, and Wood Dale.

Pulpit Exchange

Children’s Word on March 17 with Pastor Hernandez from Faith Evangelical at First Church.

March 17, 2019:  Reverend Uriel Hernandez, Pastor, Faith Evangelical United Methodist Church in Elmhurst served at First Church.

 First Church Pastor Joseph Johnson served at Christ Church in Elmhurst.  




March 31, 2019:   At First Church — Reverend James Fu, Pastor, Christ United Methodist Church in Elmhurst.  First Church Pastor Joseph Johnson will preach at Wood Dale Community United Methodist Church in Wood Dale.

Combined Service for Good Friday Observance

The Salt Creek Cluster churches will join us in observing Good Friday at First Church.  The service at 7:00 pm will include The Seven Last Words of Christ and music by our combined choirs.  The Rev. Darneather Murph-Heath, the Superintendent of the Elgin District of the NIC, will be preaching.


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Be guided through the practices in which Jesus himself participated.  Genuine prayer can lead to a life of hospitality, mercy, and justice.

Join this study of Elaine Heath’s FIVE MEANS OF GRACE, Experiencing God’s Love the Wesley Way on Sunday  mornings at 9:15 through April 7. 

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Pastor Joe and Children & Youth Director, Lisa Rogers, invite people of all ages to join us on Ash Wednesday, March 6, for a special observance.

  • Come to Wesley Hall at 6:00 pm
  • Discover the 3 Pillars of Lent:  Pray, Fast, Give
  • Receive Ashes
  • Share a Lenten Supper
  • Enjoy Multi-age Activities
  • Pick up a Lenten Devotional packet for yourself or to share with your family or friends throughout the Season.

Guests are welcomed and encouraged!

Suggested donation:  $5/person or $20/family

RSVP to Church Office 630-834-2440 or admin@umcelmhurst.org by Tuesday, March 5.