Christmas Giving Tree for Pembroke and El Buen Pastor

Children’s Christmas Tree
First Church 2020

In the year of the pandemic,
there won’t be a tree
With names of children
for you to see.

Of course, they still need us
to shop and to care.
They need us to buy toys
and something to wear.

There’s a different timeline
with a whole new plan.
Email, shop, quarantine??? I know that we can.

If you can take a name, or even two.
Email Carolyn Heiney. She’ll see the tag gets to you.

Shopping must be done by Thanksgiving weekend.
Yes, we must quarantine, the rules cannot bend.

If you want to give money instead of shop,
Write a check to First Church, in the mail just drop.

With God’s guidance we’ll succeed
and smiles will abound.
Our thanks to you really will be profound.

To Give Christmas Gifts to Children
from Pembroke & Iglesia El Buen Pastor
Please Contact: