Hopeful Action
Against Racism and Discrimination

The positive outcome of open, honest dialogue and continued investigation within our ad hoc Hopeful Action group here at First Church  is the formation of a new Committee — HAARD.  Our goal is to live out the conviction that racism is incompatible with Christian teaching. Objectives will be to increase awareness of the discrimination of BIPOC (Black, indigenous, people of color), LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized people within our Elmhurst community as well as throughout our state, country, and world. This dialogue is meant to, and has, spurred action to investigate or provide education through and in the following areas:

  • Racism Awareness Training
  • School Equity in Elmhurst School District 205
  • Availability of Mental Health Services in our Community
  • Diversity of Business Owners in Elmhurst
  • Elmhurst Policing Policies

Pastor Joe’s August Sermon Series addressed hard topics that members of the United Methodist Church — and all Christians — are needing to address.  

 HAARD will continue to  identify and share new resources with the congregation.  For instance, The Antiracism Task Force of the NIC/UMC has compiled a recommended reading list on Race & Racism.  Please click on the following link to access this excellent list: Northern Illinois Conference Resources  additional resources can be found here: HAARD Anti-Racism Resources

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