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New Adult Education Series for 2020-2021:

We know Jesus tells us “Do not be afraid,” but with everything presently going on in the world, how is it possible not to be affected by the worry, anxiety, and fear that permeate our lives?

In Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times, noted author and pastor Adam Hamilton addresses nearly every type of fear imaginable – large or small, real or imagined, those within our power to overcome, and those we must accept. For each type of fear, the author offers a disciplined approach of facing facts, examining assumptions, overcoming anxiety through action, and cultivating a life of faith.

Contact us to join with other First Church friends in an exploration of these ideas.
Sunday Mornings at 9:15
Tuesday Evenings at 7:00

The book is available on for under $17 or on Kindle for $11.99.