New Sermon Series

Pastor Joe is exploring three of these stories with the congregation through discussion, interviews, and application. Join him at 10:30 am on Sundays — April 28, May 5, and May 12.

look at these guys From GOOGLE:  “At a hot-dog-eating contestor at a demolition derby, in line at the pharmacyFront Cover counter waiting for a shingles vaccination, living in a cave with a colony of bats: the Almighty appears in ever-more mysterious ways in  his response Ninety-Nine Stories of God, Joy Williams’ surreal, sublime new collection of very short short stories. Each less than a page long, each packing a punch belied by its size, every one of these ninety-nine stories tells of everyday human interaction with an increasingly elusive and arbitrary deity. Haunted by an array of extraordinary historical figures, from Kafka and Tolstoy to O. J. Simpson and Philip K. Dick, but populated by anonymous ordinary people just like you and me, the stories pool seemingly random moments into something deep, dazzling and disconcerting. Bleak and funny, ironic and lyrical, enigmatic and aphoristic,  find more Ninety-Nine Stories of God breaks down the barriers between the everyday and the divine and takes Williams’ writing into territories strange and new.”