A February Letter from Pastor Joe







Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

In Ninety-Nine Stories of God, Joy Williams tells about a traveler who meets three men pushing wheelbarrows. He asks them what they are doing.  Each gives him a different answer. The first said: “I toil from sunrise to sunset, and all I receive for my labor is a few francs a day.”The second said: “I’m happy enough to wheel this wheelbarrow, for I have not had work for many months, and I have a family to feed.” The third said: “I’m building Chartres Cathedral.”

The three workers have different perspectives about the work they are doing. The first understands the work to be toil for not very much reward.  The second is grateful for the work so that he can feed his family. The third sees a greater vision than just pushing a wheelbarrow. He is building Chartres Cathedral something extraordinary for God and for people.

If someone asked you about the wheelbarrow you are pushing, what would you say?  Especially in the church, it is easy to be overwhelmed by a task, not appreciated, or see little return for our effort.  Other times, we easily see the greater task God has called us to and we rejoice in it.

So my question is: what are you doing with the wheelbarrow you are pushing?

Christ’s Servant

Rev. Joseph A. Johnson