Pastor’s Word for Summer

God has a dream and purpose for your congregation and in your community.   Rev. Dr. Heather Lear,  Director of Evangelism Ministries, UMC General Board of Discipleship

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Grace and Peace to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Over the past six months, the Church Council has continued the work begun at our all-church retreat in February.  During that retreat, Rev. Dr. Heather Lear equipped us with tools for evangelism that are theological, contextual and strength-based.

Hence, we have titled this process, Strengthen and Grow.

We have spent time asking ourselves questions: Why do I choose to remain Christian?  What is the good that I believe God wants to accomplish?  As well as questions about evangelism:  If God fully transformed the person you were evangelizing, what would that mean for the person?

During June and July, seven two-person teams were sent out into the community to interview community leaders about the strengths and challenges of the community as well as how can FUMC respond to those challenges.

Over the next few months, FUMC will assimilate our learning so that we might engage in creative practices that manifest God’s kingdom in our community.

This work is guided by Luke 10:1-11.  Jesus sent out his disciples to bring peace, blessing and healing.  He encouraged his disciples to remain in those houses receiving what the people gave them.

It is an exciting time to be the church of Jesus Christ as we continue to live out Christ’s call on our lives.

Christ’s Servant,




The Reverend Joseph A. Johnson