“Armor Up” ~ a Virtual Quest to be Strong in the Lord

FIRST CHURCH VIRTUAL VBS on Tuesday Mornings from 10-11:00 am for 5 weeks: June 9 -July 7.

Posted by First United Methodist Church of Elmhurst on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Knights of North Castle:  are inviting children (ages 4-12) to join them in their Quest for the King’s Armor and to be strong in the Lord! 

Jennifer Grisolia and Lisa Rogers will be leading the King’s valiant Knights on this quest along with Storyteller Sharon Phillips & Teaching Artist Marie Strauch.

Gather via ZOOM to explore Old & New Testament stories & discover different pieces of protective armor

  • The Belt of TRUTH
  • The Breastplate of JUSTICE
  • The Shoes of PEACE
  • The Shield of FAITH
  • The Helmet of SALVATION

Take up the gauntlet this summer and accept the challenge to “armor up” and be strong by remaining with God.

PARENTS:  Please send a private message on this page to enroll your child(ren) and receive the Zoom link and other pertinent information so your child(ren) can join the fun.