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In response to General Conference 2019’s acceptance of The Traditional Plan, the Northern Illinois Conference empowered Bishop Dyck to form an where can you buy lasix.

This team will meet over the next few months to consider a new Methodist expression.  The team’s work will include receiving input from  churches within our annual conference and working with other jurisdictions, conferences, and churches who are exploring new options and opportunities.  Their first meeting will be June 29.

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To prepare for Confirmation, these nine young people gathered each Sunday throughout the year to study the Bible, learn about the Methodist tradition ,and have open discussions about what it means to be a United Methodist Christian in the world today.

Confirmation Teachers Kathy Hansen, Pete Meyer, Ruth Zervas, Chris Ladd along with Pastor Joe and Lisa Rogers are gratefully acknowledged for their  dedication to and their love and support of our Confirmands. After a Celebration Breakfast on Sunday, May 12,  the Rite of Confirmation was held during the 10:30 am Worship Service.

We proudly welcome our newest members into First Church:

  • Isabella Rose Bjerkan mentored by Christine Janes
  • Rowan James Clark mentored by Jason Janes
  • Edward Scott Cooke mentored by Jason Janes
  • Paige Arbor Detzler mentored by Chris Mertz
  • Maggie Lynn Ejma mentored by Beth Valdez
  • Haley Camille Hindsley mentored by Beth Valdez
  • Wyatt Andrew Kennedy mentored by Steve Strauss
  • Thomas Moxley Schroeder mentored by Steve Strauss
  • Claire Catherine Vincent mentored by Ann Gills



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Twenty years ago, Joseph Johnson was ordained an elder in the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist by Bishop C. Joseph Sprague. His journey to the ministry did not follow a traditional path, but Pastor Joe could not ignore God’s call. After graduating from high school in rural Indiana, where he was baptized and confirmed in the United Methodist Church, he attended both Indiana and Purdue Universities. He graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue, but felt called to explore ordained ministry. He enrolled at The Iliff School of Theology, but left and returned to engineering.

Realizing that God was not ready to give up on him, Pastor Joe returned to Iliff and completed his studies there. Since his graduation from seminary, Pastor Joe has served churches in Dixon, Chicago, and now Elmhurst. When he’s not in the pulpit, Pastor Joe loves to play the flute, search the wilderness for birds of many feathers, cook soup and can vegetables, and even has been known to sew the stoles that he wears on Sundays.

 Congratulations to Pastor Joe on his twentieth anniversary in ordained ministry. Blessings to you, Pastor Joe! 

There will be a celebration in Wesley Hall directly after Worship on Sunday, June 9.
Note:  Gifts to mark this occasion may be made to FUMC, designated  for the UMC’s  General Board of Higher Education & Ministry.

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Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising & Celebrate the Beginning of the Gay Rights Liberation Movement

When:  7:30-8:30 pm, Thursday Evening, June 6

Where:  Wilder Park — East steps of Wilder Mansion


Featuring:  Jim Bennett, Director, Illinois Department of Human Rights; Cathy Richardson, Rock Goddess; Rev. Joseph A. Johnson, Pastor, First United Methodist Church of Elmhurst;  Reflections from the Community;  Music & singing to lift our spirits and unite us in solidarity.