Social Justice

Our love of God is always linked with love of our neighbor [and] a passion for justice and renewal in the life of the world.

 Book of Discipline 2012, p. 51

Social Justice is one of the founding principles of the United Methodist Church. Our baptism vows ask us to resist evil, injustice and oppression.”  That is what Social Justice tries to do. 

First Church honors that vow through our Social Justice activities

  • Educational programs to help us better understand the issues in our world today.
  • Bible studies that help us understand the biblical basis for equality and justice.
  • Book discussions through our Church Library programming.
  • Sharing-Space with groups providing information about current issues facing our community

While some of these activities take place on Sunday morning, others may be scheduled during the week and are open to the public.

We also help to organize and support community-wide activities  where we can actively effect change and make our world a little more just and fair.  We support each other in these activist initiatives.

In recent years, First Church has been focused on racism, LGBTQ rights and immigration reform.  There is more to be done.

For information or to join the First United Methodist Church of Elmhurst Anti-Racism Awareness and Learning Path Team (AALP), click HERE

For more information on the UMC website,  click on  Advocating for Justice