Safe Sanctuary Policy

To reduce the risk of child abuse in the church,  the General Conference of the United Methodist Church adopted a Safe Sanctuaries resolution in 1996. Revised in 2004, the Safe Sanctuaries Policy was implemented at First Church in 2005.  First Church is committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth, and to protecting staff and volunteers from false accusations.

Safe Sanctuaries Policy of First United Methodist Church: 

  • A minimum of two adults will be with all groups of children and youth.  If two adults are not available, there will be a designated roamer.
  • No adult will ever be alone with a child or youth behind closed doors.
  • All classrooms have clear glass windows. All office and hallway doors have glass panels.
  • All adults working with children and youth are required to have been a church member for at least six months and to undergo a screening procedure.  Any information obtained as part of the screening process is  kept strictly confidential.
  • A CPR training class is offered each year.

These policies apply any time children and youth are gathered for a church-related activity, including the Nursery, Rainbow Room, Church School classes, Vacation Bible School, Youth Group meetings, Mission Trips and any other church-sponsored trip.