For the Common Good

Join us for our Fall 2021 All Church Study

In person

Sundays (Oct. 17 – Dec. 5) 9:15 am

In person and on ZOOM

Wednesdays (Oct. 20-Dec. 8) 10 am

 On Demand Video of Class Sessions available upon request.

Reading Guide

Self-guided reflection resource

If you are unable to join us in person or on ZOOM, we encourage you to read at your own pace and use the self-guided reflection.

By the end of this study you will:

  1. Be able to describe the conditions under which Paul wrote the various epistles addressing spiritual gifts and the rationale for studying these spiritual gifts today.
  2. Discover our own spiritual gifts and explore various biblical mentions of these gifts.
  3. Understand the importance and interdependence of spiritual gifts within the larger community.
  4. Identify God’s call in our lives.
  5. Acknowledge how spiritual gifts have influenced their lives, both now and in the past.
  6. Be familiar with a variety of gifts-based church models and capable of advocating for a chosen model.